Lessons learned #6 Street Photography

Tried my hand at a new techique, which I thought was going to be alot easier. My first attempts were next to useless but with some practice I hope this to use this more often. The idea is to photograph people unaware in more natural surroundings.

For this I used my Canon EOS 450D with a Sigma 28-55mm lens, I set the camera to Aperture Priority @f/8 and set the lens zoom to 28mm. I wrapped the strap around my hand and then carried the camera with me. The idea is to fire off shots blindly from the hip, as not draw attention to yourself.

What I found after my first few attempts was
1. Don’t wear a big coat or have a bag with you as they tend to get in the way.
2. Get used to pointing without looking at your hand, I found my first few photos where at completely different angles to where I thought it was. Practice in front of a mirror so you can see where you are pointing and how it feels.
3. Don’t forget to pre focus, my Canon is half push to focus then full push to take. It doesn’t focus and take when just pushed.

So to round up my first efforts were of out of focus walls and sky, but here is a selection of good and bad all straight out of camera [sooc]. My first try out has not put me off but more inspired me to get some decent results, because once you’ve mastered the basics this is an endless source.

One thought on “Lessons learned #6 Street Photography”

  1. Nice shots – I use the same technique a lot, and though it’s hit and miss, the results can be excellent. I use the 18-55 lens though, and that slightly wider angle can make a difference.

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