Lessons Learned #7 RTM

I hate having to read manuals, I think products should be intuitive or failing that telepathic. One of the things that has held me back in my hobby is not knowing my equipment. I have always been happy to have my camera in automatic or semi automatic mode. This has served me well for my happy snapping days, but now I have a whole lot of visual imagery floating about in my head so I need to get the heads up in what i see as 3 areas.

1. photography!
2. My equipment.
3. Post Processing images.

No 1 may sound a bit silly but I like to know how things work not just why, the more you know the more you can push yourself and achieve those visual goals. As I don’t like reading instruction manuals too much and I scouted YouTube and came across Mark Wallace, he has a blog with loads of tutorial videos. Best of all Mark delivers well in a light way, that is suitable for all audiences. I would certainly recommend this site for all levels.


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