orchard blossom Kent countryside near Dunks green

Project 365 day ninety six 6/4/11 country bumpkin or city slicker?

orchard blossom Kent countryside near Dunks green

I’ve been clocking up a lot of hours recently at work, so I took an extended lunch toady and drove around. Where I work is considered to be in the sticks for anyone living in a town, but those who do live in the sticks would say I’m a just a towny. 10 mins from where I work it really is countryside, rolling fields, orchards, roaming pheasants and that pleasant smell of fresh air and cows.
On my way to work I regulary see pheasants that have killed by wandering across the road, unfortunately this is a common occurence so it was nice to see them in their natural environment. But this one couldn’t resist a bit of tarmac and had to cross it. Probably proving his metal to the female in the field. The colors on these birds plumage is amazing, I wish I had a a longer lens to do them real justice and so I didn’t stalk them in my work suit.
dippy pheasant crossing a road and not getting runover
I also spotted a place called Old Soar manor which is owned by English Heritage, you can have a free tour between April – October, guess I’ll be checking if I can find it again.

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