Film Noir portrait head

Project 365 day one hundred and forty four, RTFM

Film Noir portrait head

Today I have been trying to understand why my flash doesn’t work like I think it should, all I can say is RTFM. My flash works exactly how it should not how I thought it should. But through my ignorance I now know alot about my Speedlite 430EX II.

Leigh was a great sport, he just ignored me while I tried different things to encourage my flash to work, in the end he said RTFM Coffey, so  I did, fixed it and and captured this in the process, cheers Leigh.

TIP: The flash was stuck in Manual Zoom, where as what should be happening is flash zoom should match the lens upto 105mm, but it was stuck at 14mm. This is caused by the flash defuser being out which turns of automatic zoom.


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