Project 365 day one hundred and sixty, pretty in pink

Amother of those flora that I have no clue what it is, I’m just glad that my mum planted so many wonderful and photogenic plants.


3 thoughts on “Project 365 day one hundred and sixty, pretty in pink”

  1. It has been quite hard going, especially trying to find something different each day. I have learnt alot about my camera and photography in general. I have been a keen amatuer since I was a teenager. But had always been happy with snapping and get the odd good result. People tell me I have an eye for great photographs and what this project has shown is how not only to look for photos but how to control and create them.

    I plan to start going back over my photos and try taking them again with the lessons I have learned, it has been well worth it but it is hard work.

    I think my advice to anyone doing this would be dont knock yourself, accept some days the photos won’t be so good but try and understand why. If you are learning the craft then posting what you think are mistakes or not so good may surprise you and people may like them (quite often happens).

    Always remembr what you like may not be someone elses cup of tea, the hardest thing for ne is to poost pictures that aren’t my favorite but knowing others will like.

    I would thoroughly recommend a 365Project to anyone just for the learning experience alone.

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