Autumn leaves

Project 365 day three hundred and twenty four, Autumn Season No 3

Chronologically Autumn is the third season, traditionally harvests should have been harvested (in the 21st century with poly tunnels and supermarkets we harvest all year round) and pickled, the summer has passed and although the days are still warm (12c today) the days are not long enough for the ground to warm up. The shortest day will soon be upon us along with the longest, the longest anticipated day by many young minds (Christmas). So today was unexpected, the good weather has been holding on and the weatherman said it was going to be bright, so we made the most of it and trekked to our not so local Country park just outside West Malling. The kids love the park although by the time we got there is was late in day (3pm), signs said gates close at 4pm. The park has a small cafe which I serves excellent coffee to keep you warm, but not today its closed!

The weatherman said it would peak at 12c, not sure when that peak was but it wasn’t at 3pm. So to keep the chill at bay, I trotted off at a marathon pace to, found and photographed sawn tree stumps, lake, fauna and eventually ended back at the play area. On the table were these leaves that my better half had been arranging to take her mind off the cold (feels it more than me, she always says cold hands warm heart).

Autumn leaves


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