Fungi out the front of Tonbridge Castle

Project 365 day three hundred and twenty three, fun guy

It’s been a while and I apologise, the blog has over 100 days for this years project 365. While I have taken photos over the past few months it was only when I thought I had broken my camera that I really missed it. I have been following other blogs and enjoy seeing the progress they have made.

The story of the broken camera came about when in London last week and the auto focus packed in. The camera worked ok in full manual mode, but not in any auto modes. Typically the extended warranty I purchased withnthe camera ran outthe month before :(. After some research I had suggestions from sending it away for repair to buy a new one. Then I stumbled on thread that said they ha taken the battery out and recharged it. I had only charged the batteries the previous evening, so I removed add on battery pack that screws onto the bottom and holds two batteries, put in my original Canon battery and replaced the cover. Hey presto and to my relief its all working again. I tried the other non canon battery and that worked ok too, but when both when put in the battery pack the autofocus stopped. I recharged both batteries which didn’t take very long as they had both recharged the night before going to London and I had only about 50 pictures enforce this had happened. After recharging they both work in the battery pack ok? So I am no closer to what the problem is but do have camera back in my life.

Today’s photo was taken out the front of Tonbridge Castle, they poke out from under the carpet of pine tree needles that cover the ground, funnily enough under the pine trees. I have no idea what type of fungi they are but do make net resting subjects.

Fungi out the front of Tonbridge Castle
Fungi out the front of Tonbridge Castle

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