Project 365 day three hundred and twenty six, leaves on the road

The English have an unnatural obession with the weather, the Britsh never get used to the weather. During June you will hear people say “How odd to get rain this time of year must be down to that environmental warming!” when in fact eveybody know that Wimbledon Tennis Tournamnet is in June so its bound to rain. After the news we have reginal news with regional weather, when they switch back to the national news we then get a national weather forcast. FACT: Someone saying tomorrows weather will be like today will get it right more often than a weather forcaster!

During the Autumn train companies will use the excuse “Leaves on the line” for cancellations and trains running late, its just as well that George Stephenson didn’t have the same attitude when he built the first public railway otherwise we would still be using horse and catrs.


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