festive bokeh costa coffee

Project 365 day three hundred and fifty three, whats your costa?

festive bokeh costa coffee

One thing that keeps me fuelled at work is coffee, recently a Costa Coffee opened at Kingshill which has made the days easier to bare. Starbucks used to be my favorite coffee, but they changed their blend so now it is a little bit bitter. Costa’s blend is an anytime drink, not to strong although my favorite is a double shot Americano. The last image I took with a Costa theme I put on the wall at work, there was something about it that suggested to us to get one.

The festive bokeh effect is from a christmas tree at work, the mugs are Costa thermos mugs very cheap at £3 each and keep your coffee warmer for longer.

My favorite Costa Coffee is an Americano with an extra shot of expresso, whats yours?


4 thoughts on “Project 365 day three hundred and fifty three, whats your costa?”

  1. Nice shot. Something a little Christmasy about it – must be the bokeh. I’m a coffee addict too and I also go for the double shot Americano – strong and black all the way. Though to be honest, I much prefer a home brew using my Italian mocha (or my cafetière at work).

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