Project 365 day three hundred and sixty five, Happy New Year

So what next, this is the last post for this 365 project although I didn’t get to post everyday it is about 70% complete. Do I continue with a new project 366 project for next year, I think maybe I will. But I need some new goals. My first goal will be to include more people in my project, aside from my family I haven’t taken that many shots of people. I had thought about a 365 Maidstone (the town where I live) or even a 365 people, where people reveal a little something about themselves that is not well-known, like collecting pink unicorns or dressing up and running round woods pretending to be dwarves or elves (oh that last one is me). There is so much to explore in the realm of photography, this year has been a real learning curve. Before I was a keen amateur and now I would say I am beginning to understand it as well.

There is no better feeling than when you get your photos uploaded and see the magic moments that you have captured, that is what drives me on. Along with you following my ramblings, seeing what you are up to. I want to thank you to everyone out there who has taken time to look at my work, sometimes I feel it is not up tp my own standards but feel that as the year has progressed the bar for my own standards has been pushed higher.

See you in the New Year and I hope that your dreams come true in 2012.



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