fallen apple trapped in ice

Project 365 2012/15 frozen in time

fallen apple trapped in ice

In a neglected wheelbarrow at the bottom of the garden, lies fallen from the tree that shadows it, though with its winter bare branches the shadows are long and thin. The fallen fruit should be rotting, returning its unused goodness back to Mother Earth, but the slow invasion of Winter’s grasp has left the wheelbarrow full of semi rotting fruit.

Finally the icy cold tendrils of Winters fingers have done their job, a thin layer of frost covers all the plants, frosting the lush green leafs and freezing small pools of water. The rotting apples are for now frozen in time, encased in a tomb of ice.


3 thoughts on “Project 365 2012/15 frozen in time”

  1. Our fallen apples are weird this year too. Their decay is very slow. Maybe I’ll try to get some pics of them tomorrow.

    Thanks so much for the visits and the mention.

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