Margate Winter sunset

Project 365 2012/22 Margate Sunset

I haven’t been to Margate for about 10 years and going there in the middle of Winter with a chill factor of about 3c isn’t selling it to anyone. Today was George’s 11th birthday so he got to decide where we went. He chose to visit the Hornby Visitor Center, just on the outskirts of Margate and the Turner Contemporary on the sea front. We were lucky with the weather as it stayed bright and dry for the day, but when we got to the sea front, all they wanted to do was play on the beach in the sand and boy was that cold, but they didn’t care. The only thing that got them off the beach was the promise of fresh fish and chips at one of the nearby restaurants. I am only just getting the feeling back in my toes now.

Margate Winter sunset

What I liked about this was the last few people walking along the beach in the foreground.


2 thoughts on “Project 365 2012/22 Margate Sunset”

  1. What a lovely day! One of my favourite pastimes, a walk on the beach in the winter with the dog and rewarded with fresh fish and chips….can’t beat it! I love the photo…

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