Project 365 Day Three 3/1/11 – Feeling a little Blue

You’ve heard the saying never work with kids and animals, today I am going to add Slinky’s to the that list. I was going to go out, but then hit on the idea with the kids slinky, nice vibrant colours, couldn’t be easier. How wrong was I! I’m guessing thats why there are not too many pics out there except for the packaging type photos.

Technical Info: Canon EOS 450D, Sigma 105mm Lens, Canon Speedlite 430EX 1/60Sec @ F/6.3 ISO 100. Post processing done with Google Picasa 3.8


Lessons Learned #1 – Seeing clearly

One of the things I learned today that my eyes have changed, I have worn glasses since I was about 18 years old. I have always found that when peeking through the view finder my glasses get smeared or worse moved aside. The Canon EOS 450D (in fact I think most Canon Camera’s) has a Dioptric View Finder adjustment. This is a small wheel just to the right of the view finder. Adjusting this mean I do not need to wear my glasses to look through the view finder.

To adjust it correctly set your camera preferably on tripod or on a stable surface like a wall and use AF to focus on an object, once it is in focus remove your glasses and then adjust the Dioptric Wheel until the view finder image is clear.

More info including Dioptric lenses can be found on Creative Karma

Project 365 Day Two 2/1/11 – Recycling

While clearing the recycling (which is still there) I took the opportunity to test out my new (new to me anyway) Sigma 105mm Macro lens. This was highly rated lens in Practical Photography for its versatility.

Technical Info: 1/60sec @f/4 105mm.

Project 365 Day One 1/1/11 – The Round-a-bout

This is the opener for my Project 365.

To be honest I was not going to start today and was putting it off, but after being dragged out to the park I jumped into it. This was taken on a mini roundabout with me hanging off it with camera in 1 hand and holding on with the other. The kids thought it was great but I did feel sick after about 10 minutes, if I do this again I will not eat first.

I had hoped to blur the background more and maybe get motion streaks, but not falling off was a good start.

Technical Info: 1/40sec @f3.4 28mm.

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