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I have always been a fan of Adobe Lightroom for its simplicity. Learning the craft before the digital era taught me to try a get it right first time as it was always difficult to manipulate later (though not impossible). Lightroom is as near to the old darkroom process as you will get for the digital age. Its a shame really as it takes the edge away as a multitude of errors can be corrected after the shot, but not all.

Now I want to look at what it can do, so I will be posting some of my efforts for your feedback.

I went to my Great Nephew William’s christening during the summer, I was happy enough with the photo but now have looked at them again. I will work on these using various effects and processing so I have comparisons. The first edit was done a saved as a preset, the idea was to look for a high key effect or very little shadowing. But after the initial processing  the post cropping to be suited to the picture, so some have light vignetting and others dark.

BeforeWilliam Before


William After


The sisters before


The sisters after


Tracey Before


Tracey after

Each of these were processed using the same preset, using Adobe Lightroom’s Spot Removal tool and tweaking the exposure, the preset works better on photos with more exposure. With the Spot Removal tool I hadn’t realised that you could in effect paint over trouble areas rather than just spotting.

Below are more images that I have tried the same process with, not all work but are interesting.

youngones-1 rose-sally-1 rose-sally2-1 rose-tom-1 thebros-1 thehuntleys-1 Tracey-1-2 william-grandma-1 william-mum-dad-1 William-Rebeeca-1 william-richard-1 William-Rose-1 William-stare-1



Too quiet on the photo front.

I admit I have not been keeping up with this photography lark, but that is one of the best things about it for. To me it is a hobby, although a very serious hobby, it is something I can put down and pick up again. I don’t seem to have the problems I used to where I was fumbling with the equipment worrying about technical issues, now I just pick up and capture the photos I want.

Back in July I visited Howletts Wild Animal Park near Canterbury, it was a great and I was in a good mood for some animal shots. As we walked one of boys noticed that they had a photography competition for Wildlife personality, comical shot and U18’s. So after rattling off a few shots, stalking tigers watching Rhinos I came up with these.


The Silverback shot was just amazing for a few seconds he directly stared at me, their faces convey so much emotion. This was runner up in the photo competition in the Wildlife personalities category.

howletts-wallpaper-1-4 howletts-wallpaper-elephant howletts-wallpaper-lynx howletts-wallpaper-monkey howletts-wallpaper-rhino howletts-wallpaper-tiger

Project 365 2012/27 can dogs read?

no dogs sign

Strange, dogs have a hieghtened sense of smell and yet scientists know they can only see in black and white, but I didn’t know that dogs could read.