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Project 365 2012/7 for your amusement

penny arcade machine for your amusementOld penny arcade machines were completely different from todays electronic computerised monsters, there were about dexterity and skill.



Project 365 2012/6 last day for the decorations

Last day for the christmas decorations

Today (6/1/2012) is the last day for christmas decorations to be up, so we have started removing all the festive cheer, the stockings and tree. Is it bad luck to have them up after today, I couldn’t say. I you look into the ball you’ll notice this also doubles up as a self portrait although I have a Canon 450D stuck to my face.

Don’t forget to recycle your tree, if you were brave enough to have a real one, you can find your local recycling center at http://www.recyclenow.com/  if you are in the UK.

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Project 365 2012/5 relativity and love

Lovers walking through West Malling, Manor Country Park

A young couple aimlessly walked while holding hands along a wet muddy trail. They must be in love as the wind bit coldly and the sun sunk behind the horizon as they did not rush. Maybe wanting to make the most of the warmth from their hands.

“When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second. When you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour. That’s relativity.”    ―      Albert Einstein

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Project 365 2012/4 wrap up warm

wrap up warm winter is here
Tea please

Tough call today, as I surveyed the landscape around me I became despondent, the sky was less than lifeless. The boys were running around the park like loons playing their latest obession re-enactments of Winter Wipeout. I’m just glad they haven’t started regurgitating hamsters rubbish attempts at humor. Then I asked the misses if she’d like a tea (an excuse just to warm up in cafe if I really needed one). The reply was I think you would call it “muffled!”, was that yes darling? followed by keen nodding.

The eyes have it

My misses feels the cold at the end of summer, a battle for the central heating pursues in Autumn. In the Winter she is caught between a rock and a cold place, she loves getting out for fresh air but at times, even on the south coast of England there can be a very chill wind. So she loves to wrap up, literally. So presenting me with today’s photo-op, I just hope all models will work for just a cup of hot tea. I’ve posted two pics today as I wasn’t sure which one I liked best, essentially the only difference is the second has eye contact.

Having just read the Average Jims 🙂 blog, we could not be further a part in climates, his is a 75c sunny Californian heat, whilst ours is 6c cloudy and a chill factor of about 2c. You can guess who wasn’t in shorts today.

Project 365 2012/3 how goes the work? Quack

“How goes the work?” asked the farmer, “Quack!” said the duck.

This is a quote from one of my favorite children’s stories that I used to read to the boys, it tells the story of a lazy farmer who exploits his animals to do his work while he lays in bed all day. I have seen reviews where they think the story is about slavery, exploitation and societies class structures. Sure it could be about all those things, many children’s stories have hidden or more tragic stories as a base, this is especially true of poems.

Sometimes it is nice to sit down and read children a bedtime story, we don’t need to worry them about the dangers n the world, child should keep their innocence for as long as possible. They have the rest of their lives to be adults.

Project 365 2012/2 where is it?

where this spilnter

Went for a walk, just to blow the cobwebs away in Haysden Country Park just outside of West Malling, Kent. Jack was making such a fuss today that you would think a whole branch was stuck in his hand and not a tiny splinter. It was so small in fact that George had trouble seeing it, eventually he saw it and rubbed it off. They make me laugh as Jack was so serious and George so animated.

Project 365 2012/1 relax with a book

girl relaxing on sofa reading book on ipad2

I saw an image while browsing an old photo book, the image was taken in 1967 by Henri Cartier-Bresson of a girl lounging on a sofa with her book. What attracted me to it was the cropping. By not including the face it asks more of the viewer, we do not know who she is but more importantly we have to rely on her body language to convey mood and emotion. To bring it up to date and relevant the girl is reading an ebook on an iPad2, which was one of my early Christmas presents (actually birthday and Christmas).

I have always been of the opinion that Apple stuff is basically for fashion  geeks, but since having the iPad2 I might have to re-evaluate that opinion as the photo rendering and video streaming is amazing. But the rest of it leaves a little to be desired especially with web site compatibility.