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project 365 2012/43 an apple a day


Project 365 2012/15 frozen in time

fallen apple trapped in ice

In a neglected wheelbarrow at the bottom of the garden, lies fallen from the tree that shadows it, though with its winter bare branches the shadows are long and thin. The fallen fruit should be rotting, returning its unused goodness back to Mother Earth, but the slow invasion of Winter’s grasp has left the wheelbarrow full of semi rotting fruit.

Finally the icy cold tendrils of Winters fingers have done their job, a thin layer of frost covers all the plants, frosting the lush green leafs and freezing small pools of water. The rotting apples are for now frozen in time, encased in a tomb of ice.

Project 365 2012/14 not all that glitters is gold

not all that glitters is gold, morning front on cabbage

I actually braved the early morning frost today, well 11:00 am anyway. My garden is quite sheltered so the frost tends to linger and in some areas hasn’t gone as it is still so cold. One of my vegetable plots must have  had some cabbage it at some point as they have sprouted now in the middle of Winter. This is a shot of a cabbage leaf with tiny drops of frost that has been melted by late morning rays of sunshine. The Canon 50mm MkII has really created some beautiful bokeh, it looks like millions of tiny jewels, of course that would be nice, plant a diamond get a bumper crop in 3 months.


Project 365 day three hundred and forty seven, christmas is a time to be together

family xmas a time to be together

Christmas is a time to be with your loved ones, whether that’s family, friends, pets. But it is also a time we should think about those less fortunate, those in the armed forces in distant lands separated from their families. They put their lives at risk so we may enjoy our freedom that they protect. It is unfortunate that in the 21st century countries must maintain an armed force, but boundaries have changed, it is not the countries or governments that war with one another but misguided idealism. It is ironic that religion can create the happiest memories through seasonal festivities such as Christmas, great sadness from extreme ideology and hope, support through pray and belief.

One day we may all be able to enjoy Christmas at the same time, maybe not together but maybe in peace, with respect for each other.


Project 365 day one hundred and ninety eight, after the rain

Today has been a strange one for weather rain, sun, rain, sun. Whens its rained it poured down. By the look of my lawn the weather has been perfect for the plants, need a dry spell so I can get out there and mow the lawn.

Project 365 day one hundred and fifty nine, tenager

PSP wielding tenager

The age where they reach the double figures 1 0. 10 is where a child starts to push boundaries based on reason, develops friendships based on more than sandpit meetings, 10 is where they start to look moody, 10 is where Simon Cowell has become a role model, 10 is where Cheryl Cole is interesting but they still do not know why, 10 I was told was when dad is no longer cool and gets no more hugs or kisses before bedtime.

I’m glad that I have tenager, but I’m pleased that not all the above is true, my boy still hugs me before bed, guess I’ll have to make the most of those.

Project 365 day one hundred and fifty seven, We are not what we were and not what we will be.

We are not what we were and not what we will be.

This rose started as a green bud, now the bud has started to open the petals are tinted, when this rose opens fully its petals will be a brilliant white.

Ergo what we are now is not what we were or what we will be, we go through many changes in life and experiences will affect us but not make us. We shape ourselves by the choices we make through situations presented to us, sometimes we make bad decisions, sometimes we have no option but to make a bad decision, maybe there is only bad and worse.

Is choice a luxury that few have? No, choice is a luxury that only a few do not have. Every choice we make changes us from what we are to what we will be next, some choices are big but most are small inconceivable choices that seem almost insignificant but can have the most profound affect on your future you.

So remember the next time when you say “I had no choice”, did you really have no choice or did you make the best of a bad set of options? To have no choice is very rare but we must make the best of what we are given because that is what we will be.