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Project 365 2012/25 magic mushroom


Project 365 2012/19 research

Got to work far to early, so kept on driving until I reached a Costa Coffee, got a mag “Black and White Photography” for some early morning research. Kicked back for 45 mins ain a comfy chair and watched the world go by.

Costa coffee flat white

Project 365 2012/13 blocked

kingshill block paving

Somedays it pays just to look at what you are standing on, and no not your feet, although you can take that shot as well. I try to see something in everything, all around Kingshill the designers have specified block paving even on the roads. Normally when you see block paving on a drive it really stands out, but in Kingshill its just another everyday occurance and after a while you stop noticing it.



Project 365 2012/12 fallen

fallen crab apples lying in grass

The mild Winter so far is providing some unexpected opportunities, this fallen fruit has been lying in the grass for a while, but the rotting has not taken the color out of it yet. Thye say that this weekend the weather is set to turn colder, the real winter maybe just around the corner.

Project 365 day three hundred and fifty three, whats your costa?

festive bokeh costa coffee

One thing that keeps me fuelled at work is coffee, recently a Costa Coffee opened at Kingshill which has made the days easier to bare. Starbucks used to be my favorite coffee, but they changed their blend so now it is a little bit bitter. Costa’s blend is an anytime drink, not to strong although my favorite is a double shot Americano. The last image I took with a Costa theme I put on the wall at work, there was something about it that suggested to us to get one.

The festive bokeh effect is from a christmas tree at work, the mugs are Costa thermos mugs very cheap at £3 each and keep your coffee warmer for longer.

My favorite Costa Coffee is an Americano with an extra shot of expresso, whats yours?

Project 365 day three hundred and fifty, Strange Desire

My works Sports and Social club has live bands from time to time, today we had Strange Desire which is one of our auditors Nick (pictured)  and his mate Dave on guitar. They are fantastic and play a wide range of songs from various artists including the Beetles, Kiaser Chiefs.