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project 365 21012/37 snow links


Project 365 day three hundred and sixty, christmas baubles

christmas baubles

Project 365 day three hundred and thirty, the small things in life

The small things or details in life might not seem that important but the saying “Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves” and telling your other half you love them often go a long way to keeping the road ahead smooth and carefree. I took loads of photos for the day but forget the basics of any craft trade, make sure your tools are fit for purpose. When I got home and started to process the images there was a common theme across them all, a blurred area in the same place on all photos. Initially I thought it could be condensation from where my equipment had been in the car and taken in doors, but checking my lens I found a couple of smudged fingerprints from a small person. I confronted the Hobbits at the bottom of the garden but they swore blind it wasn’t them, so that only left the kids.

Now this is probably my own fault as I like to encourage them as much as possible with taking pictures and interest in what is around them. For now, I will have to check the equipment over each day before using it just to make sure the Hobbits haven’t spilt crumbs from third breakfast.

So todays photo is a smudged and out of focus. Better luck tomorrow, after a good cleaning.

Project 365 day three hundred and twenty eight, pine cones


Pine nuts (seeds) have become very popular, now being able to purchase them in most supermarkets like Tesco or ASDA. There are about 20 different harvestable pine nuts with the rest being to small I guess to be cost effect to harvest. What I didn’t know was that there are male and female Pine Cones. The cones that you we normally see are the large wooden cones, behind each cone leaf is one or two seeds/nuts. These are the female cones, these vary from tree to tree. The male cone is smaller and pretty much looks the same between species and contains the pollen. The 2nd picture is included out of interest, lots of male cones can be seen at the bottom of the female cone.