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Too quiet on the photo front.

I admit I have not been keeping up with this photography lark, but that is one of the best things about it for. To me it is a hobby, although a very serious hobby, it is something I can put down and pick up again. I don’t seem to have the problems I used to where I was fumbling with the equipment worrying about technical issues, now I just pick up and capture the photos I want.

Back in July I visited Howletts Wild Animal Park near Canterbury, it was a great and I was in a good mood for some animal shots. As we walked one of boys noticed that they had a photography competition for Wildlife personality, comical shot and U18’s. So after rattling off a few shots, stalking tigers watching Rhinos I came up with these.


The Silverback shot was just amazing for a few seconds he directly stared at me, their faces convey so much emotion. This was runner up in the photo competition in the Wildlife personalities category.

howletts-wallpaper-1-4 howletts-wallpaper-elephant howletts-wallpaper-lynx howletts-wallpaper-monkey howletts-wallpaper-rhino howletts-wallpaper-tiger