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Project 365 2012/46 sweet tooth


Project 365 2012/9 slinky


Dusted off the kids toy box and found an a slinky spring, these used to be metal and slink down the stairs. Now they are plastic and don’t go down stairs. More importantly they don’t make that satisfying noise the metal slinkys make.

Project 365 day one hundred and thirty one, finger floobes

finger floobes

These are strange things, about 3 inches long, platted like cable insulation. But now a kids toy, poke your fingers in the end and press together and when you pull apart you fingers are locked in, also hold it upright in the palm of you hand, press down gently and release. It zooms into the air!

I guessing this guy had rolls of the stuff and was looking at ways to get rid of it, hey heres my £1, kept Jack amused for ages.

Project 365 day one hundred and twenty seven, dragonkite


There are days when I think I can soar and other days I nose dive, but when I am soaring you can see everyone else below you, like small specs on the beach. But just like kites you can’t stay aloft forever, so its back down to earth. The secret is to stay aloft as long as possible, when you have to come down don’t nosedive because you’ve run out of wind but come down under your own wind. Then you can soar again!

Project 365 day one hundred and twenty six, blowing in the wind

where ever the wind takes meThis was my favorite pic from my day at Whitstable, but my family chose to go with a different one. After experimenting with different shutter speeds and went with 1/10 sec as it gave just enough motion blur but retained the colors or the windmill and didn’t over expose the sky.

Project 365 day one hundred and three 13/4/11 sadly life goes on

whitstable british seaside rainbow windmill

Today my father-in-law sadly passed away after a long illness. His last piece of advice to my wife was to enjoy everyday of your life and live life to the full. My son (10) choose this image as he said it is important to remember happy times and see happy things when your sad.