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Project 365 day one hundred and sixty six, Score

This goal net has been converted to be a window in Jacks camp.


Project 365 day one hundred and fifty eight, red bells

red flower bells

Once again more unknown flora springing up in my garden. My mum has a lot to answer for.

Project 365 day one hundred and fifty seven, We are not what we were and not what we will be.

We are not what we were and not what we will be.

This rose started as a green bud, now the bud has started to open the petals are tinted, when this rose opens fully its petals will be a brilliant white.

Ergo what we are now is not what we were or what we will be, we go through many changes in life and experiences will affect us but not make us. We shape ourselves by the choices we make through situations presented to us, sometimes we make bad decisions, sometimes we have no option but to make a bad decision, maybe there is only bad and worse.

Is choice a luxury that few have? No, choice is a luxury that only a few do not have. Every choice we make changes us from what we are to what we will be next, some choices are big but most are small inconceivable choices that seem almost insignificant but can have the most profound affect on your future you.

So remember the next time when you say “I had no choice”, did you really have no choice or did you make the best of a bad set of options? To have no choice is very rare but we must make the best of what we are given because that is what we will be.

Project 365 day one hundred and fifty six, Who´s Gonna Stop The Rain?


I never thought that living in England I would be glad to see it rain, we have had a couple of dry month and the garden is looking parched. What I don’t get is how science spends all this time trying to kill weeds, why not find out why they grow when all around them the crops and flowers die!

Who´s Gonna Stop The Rain is one of my favourite songs by Anastacia