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Project 365 2012/51 oh I do like to be beside the seaside


Project 365 day three hundred and sixty three, kite surfing santa

kite surfing santa in whistable harbour

It wasn’t until I got home ans started processing this shot that I realised the Kite Surfing dude I had been photographing off the coast of Whitstable was in deed Father Christmas. It looks like he was trying out some austerity measures by looking at some replacement for his reindeer. I just hope he has thought carefully about the implications of replacing reindeer with Kites, where will he put all those sacks of present? Maybe they are next on the list in his cut backs and next year he will just post Amazon vouchers.


Taking the plunge

Its coming up for a year that I have been working on my Project 365, I haven’t been as dedicated as I was in the beginning but have learnt not to beat myself up or feel too guilty about missing days. I have found out lots though about myself and about the abyss we call the web. When I wasn’t posting pics it became a topic of conversation with people I met, wondering where the photos had gone. I have been told that families have discussions about them, others can’t wait to see whats coming next and some enjoy the macro work trying to guess what the subject is.

A lesson here is that although some days you feel no one is watching, on the internet there is always someone watching. If my work can bring a smile to a sad face or even just a smile, remind someone of a fond memory long distant or just bring a little respite in hard day then I will be happy too.

Anyway I have never been that good at self publicising, my attempts at CV’s are evidence of that. But I have been told that some of my work is very good and should be on a wall somewhere. This is where the plunge comes in, I have started to upload some of my work to an online gallery called Photos4me where my work can be purchased in a variety of formats including canvas  prints, posters, giclée prints, or acrylic sheets. I am in the process of uploading images to the site, but if there is something you want the just let me know and I will upload it.

My gallery is at http://www.photos4me.com/bob

Project 365 day three hundred and forty five, Whitstable Oyster Co

Whitstable Oyster Co

This is a memory of an old way of fishing, now its just used as an advert for the Whitstable Oyster Co.

Project 365 day three hundred and forty four, sunset on whitstable beach

The boys wanted to go to the beach today, it was a really warm 2c, I didn’t mind too much as it wasn’t raining but is was clear and chilly. When we got there that 2c felt cold but kids didn’t care. They still collect peebles and sea shells from the beach, mum stood there watching them wrapped in her winter coat. Me, I was in awe of the sunset, even though it was chilly I shot a few pics with the sunset in background. I had never realised how hard it was to get close to seagulls without chips in my hand, but as I only had m 50mm with me I kept trying to get close so I could have a resonable sized bird in the foreground.

lone gull watches Whitstable sunset

This image and other pieces of my work are now available to buy via www.photos4me.com/bob

Project 365 day one hundred and thirty one, finger floobes

finger floobes

These are strange things, about 3 inches long, platted like cable insulation. But now a kids toy, poke your fingers in the end and press together and when you pull apart you fingers are locked in, also hold it upright in the palm of you hand, press down gently and release. It zooms into the air!

I guessing this guy had rolls of the stuff and was looking at ways to get rid of it, hey heres my £1, kept Jack amused for ages.

Project 365 day one hundred and twenty seven, dragonkite


There are days when I think I can soar and other days I nose dive, but when I am soaring you can see everyone else below you, like small specs on the beach. But just like kites you can’t stay aloft forever, so its back down to earth. The secret is to stay aloft as long as possible, when you have to come down don’t nosedive because you’ve run out of wind but come down under your own wind. Then you can soar again!