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Project 365 day three hundred and forty two, close up


Project 365 day three hundred and thirty three, sour grapes

Sour Grapes

Today was the  chancellors Autumn budget statement, it never fails me that a bunch grown men, who are meant to be responsible adults can act like little kids. The speaker of the house should have qualifications like kinder school teacher, do these people not realise how stupid they look to the electorate with their pointing “he did it, its their fault, nothing to do with us, he called me a name”

Grow and run the country responsibly, all of you!

Project 365 day two hundred, to wet to dry

Day two hundred, what a milestone and its miserable weather. But what this has taught me that if you live in England wet weather is something you have to live with and can provide a lot of opportunities. So whether its dry, wet, snowing or whatever get out there and make the most of it because regardless of the weather it is all beautiful.


Project 365 day one hundred and ninety eight, after the rain

Today has been a strange one for weather rain, sun, rain, sun. Whens its rained it poured down. By the look of my lawn the weather has been perfect for the plants, need a dry spell so I can get out there and mow the lawn.

Project 365 day one hundred and ninety seven, rain stops play

If you live in England you’ll know that the English are obsessed with the weather we moan when it rains, when its hot we maon because its to hot and wished it was cooler, when we have heat waves we wished it was raining, all year long we think it would be great to have a white christmas, then moan at the inconvenience when it snows.

An interesting fact, if I was to say the weather today will be the same as yestersday I would get it right more often than the weather man.

Project 365 day one hundred and fifty six, Who´s Gonna Stop The Rain?


I never thought that living in England I would be glad to see it rain, we have had a couple of dry month and the garden is looking parched. What I don’t get is how science spends all this time trying to kill weeds, why not find out why they grow when all around them the crops and flowers die!

Who´s Gonna Stop The Rain is one of my favourite songs by Anastacia