wrap up warm winter is here

Project 365 2012/4 wrap up warm

wrap up warm winter is here
Tea please

Tough call today, as I surveyed the landscape around me I became despondent, the sky was less than lifeless. The boys were running around the park like loons playing their latest obession re-enactments of Winter Wipeout. I’m just glad they haven’t started regurgitating hamsters rubbish attempts at humor. Then I asked the misses if she’d like a tea (an excuse just to warm up in cafe if I really needed one). The reply was I think you would call it “muffled!”, was that yes darling? followed by keen nodding.

The eyes have it

My misses feels the cold at the end of summer, a battle for the central heating pursues in Autumn. In the Winter she is caught between a rock and a cold place, she loves getting out for fresh air but at times, even on the south coast of England there can be a very chill wind. So she loves to wrap up, literally. So presenting me with today’s photo-op, I just hope all models will work for just a cup of hot tea. I’ve posted two pics today as I wasn’t sure which one I liked best, essentially the only difference is the second has eye contact.

Having just read the Average Jims 🙂 blog, we could not be further a part in climates, his is a 75c sunny Californian heat, whilst ours is 6c cloudy and a chill factor of about 2c. You can guess who wasn’t in shorts today.


14 thoughts on “Project 365 2012/4 wrap up warm”

  1. Your photos are great! Really like your blog(; Also I prefer the first photo, even though the last one has eye contact i still feel like the first one catches your eye more. (left one in particular)

    1. For me I liked the first one, but my missis likes the second one. I think the first one with no eye contact looks as if she is pondering somethink else (probably caught her watching the kids).

  2. LOL< I will stop by Jim's Blog too…70+ degrees does sound inviting. I live near Chicago and we have an unseasonably Warm Winter few snow flurries..go figure…it just doesn't seem like Dec or opps it's Jan now…see… The photo's are wonderful.

  3. Oh, this is magnificent and intriguing! Love the light in her left eye in the first picture!

    And your writing only enhances it – so many stories here

    Why am I thinking russian spy?!

    Thank you so much for sharing

    🙂 K.

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