where this spilnter

Project 365 2012/2 where is it?

where this spilnter

Went for a walk, just to blow the cobwebs away in Haysden Country Park just outside of West Malling, Kent. Jack was making such a fuss today that you would think a whole branch was stuck in his hand and not a tiny splinter. It was so small in fact that George had trouble seeing it, eventually he saw it and rubbed it off. They make me laugh as Jack was so serious and George so animated.


7 thoughts on “Project 365 2012/2 where is it?”

  1. Oh I remember those years of kids making a big think out of nothing. LOL…making us laugh as adults is really what God sends them to us for..right!??

  2. Love it!! Yes, their expressions made me smile as well.

    Congratulations on completing your 365 day photo challenge and starting another year. Is it fair to post three in one day if you aren’t available to use your computer for a couple of days? If so I can do Day 1 and 2 now, and day 3 tonight.

    Just asking….


    1. Hi
      Its totally fair, the important thing to remember about 365 is it is meant to be fun as well. Don’t beat yourself up over missed days, just fill them in when you have time with extras. Also it won’t always be possible to upload each day. Just upload it when you can, I have done 5 days posts in one go though and wouldn’t recommend it as it I tend to get lazy and just post images rather than adding some writings to go with it.

      Good luck

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